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Research paper for the first semester:
  • Hitchcock's Rear Window: Perspective and Subjectivity.

Memoir for the master year:
  • Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew: Text to Screen.

Things I love about being an English major right now:
  • ALL OF THEM. o/

In other news, this post-Reichenbach!AU I'm trying to finish up has possibly three different timelines and seems to hinge entirely around photography. I'm becoming dreadfully confused. Can't quite count the number of times I've scraped the whole lot and then picked it up again, by now. I just want to tie it all up before S2 starts — after that the AU!dimension'll become more drastic than it already is, and I want to write a John-centric roadtrip after the third episode anyway.

(It doesn't help that TSN fandom hasn't quit being wonderful and I want to write approximately six hundred post-depositions stories.)


just found this. hyperventilating now. )
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Shamelessly stolen from [livejournal.com profile] fuyu_no_fuheiPosting the names of all the files in my Sherlock WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Choose one (or a few, I don't care), and I will post a random line or two.

In no particular order of completion, importance, or capitalization:

  • The Light Discontinued
  • Our Hugest Home
  • writer!john
  • Derringer Sky; android!sherlock
  • Somewhere From Mars
  • there's propaganda for you
  • the grand tour of europe
  • the Heart!verse (cardiac surgery)
  • John.txt
  • angst-ridden pre-reichenbach epic
  • dust off your converse (time to see the universe) (who!crossover)
  • TONC!deleted scenes
  • ETA, I forgot: TTSSish spy!au. 

... most of which are both non-descriptive and ridiculous. FML. Or my brain. Or my love for exclamation marks.

(Am now hunting down Downton Abbey season the second (which is apparently nowhere so far), fald;kalskal;sfa OH YOU BEAUTIFUL IDIOTS.)
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1. [livejournal.com profile] errantcomment has just updated Sherlock Holmes' Diary. Read it. LOL at it. It is every bit as glorious as the first installment.

2. ooh look, fic! which isn't strictly new; it was originally a fill on the Sherlock fic!meme back in August, and then I all but forgot about it altogether (because vacation and England and uni and reasons). I've rediscovered it recently, and reworked it slightly. The concept of Sherlock literally stealing hearts to replace his own still makes me grin rather foolishly.

anywhere i go, you go
2148 words.
R. Warning for slight vore at the end — entirely consensual, and at least half metaphorical by this point, idk.
Sherlock belongs to the Beeb, Moffat, and Gatiss; originally ACD's; I make no money with this and mean no copyright infringement.
Written for this prompt: Sherlock doesn't have a heart of his own, so he steals others' for a while and then gives them back so the person keeps living. When John notices, he gives Sherlock his heart. And the heart grows.

notes: [livejournal.com profile] ningen_demonai is utterly insane, and has been trying to rationalize the fuck out of this universe, while I was mostly doing jazz hands and going METAPHOR at everything. Now I half want to continue this 'verse and have Sherlock&John get cardiac surgery together. Also, awake. (Fuck you, I have stuff to do!) The title is taken from e. e. cummings' poem 'i carry your heart with me', which is a stunning lack of originality on my part but just fit the prompt too well to pass.

notes2: [livejournal.com profile] quintenttsy has recorded a beautiful podfic of this. ♥

the first time sherlock finds john's heart, it is two in the morning. )
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Dear self,

Beginning a new fic means this: taking up pen&paper and/or putting fingers to the keyboard, and then actually writing it. It does not, however, mean spending two days doing nothing but:

  • searching for inspiring screencaps/art
  • making a shiny playlist to write the story to
  • imagining nothing but the romantic/sex-related bits of the story, especially when said story is meant to be remarkably plot-driven.

No love (no seriously get down to business already you lazy sod),
Your Brain.

Also: The God Complex, though much belated. But this is Paperwork Week at university.

it's your bad dream, that's all. )
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Someone force me to write this thing.

Before I throw my desk out the window. I have thought up so many plot points and character motivations and secret detective agencies in the heart of London of all things bloody hell — in the last two days that my head is very much about to explode. 

(Um, also: I've watched The God Complex, but the review shouldn't be up until tomorrow or the day after that, due to difficulties in conquering the wifi connection. It won't connect! WHY DON'T YOU CONNECT ANYMORE.)
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Oh hey, guys, I'm abandoning [livejournal.com profile] nuitdenovembre, for now at least. There isn't any actual, logical reason — it just feels redundant and unnecessary, and I rarely ever log in there. Whatever fic there'll be in the future will be posted here again, etc.

Anyway. ToNC, coming your way.

The Theory Of Narrative Causality
nc-17. porn. no specific warnings.
sherlock belongs to the beeb, moffat, and gatiss; originally acd's; I make no money and mean no copyright infringement.
written for this prompt: Sherlock and John are BNFs in Sherlock Holmes fandom. Together, they fight crime. (Always.) And write porn, incidentally.

notes; links )
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I have just had the strangest street meeting in my life.

Random Guy Handing People Flyers: Hi! Do you hate the suburbs?
Me: What?
Random Guy Handing People More Flyers: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: What?
awkward pause.
Random Guy Reaching Into His Satchel: Do you think all the people living in the suburbs of Paris are dangerous young thugs who come and set fire to your car in the night?
Me: Er. No?
And then he gave me an erotic book and told me to read it with my (completely hypothetical) boyfriend.

It's mostly sentimental French claptrap about what women like and what men like with horribly tacky salacious puns and little notes like Just remember to make your partner feel good during sex! I'd never have guessed, guys. 

Sometimes I'm very thankful to fandom for teaching me more about sex positivity than real life ever managed to.

Also: if all goes well and [livejournal.com profile] misha0529 gets back to me, the final, coded version of ToNC should go up tomorrow. Starting from Monday onwards, though, I'm leaving in vacation, so my access to LJ/the Internet will be very (very, very) limited; if I'm not leaving comments or updating this journal for a long time, that'll be why.
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 Things That Really Sucked This Week: A List;

  • uni. ):
  • work is put off 'till next Monday, which might actually be a good thing if it didn't mean that I get to spend this week running around for filing forms and more paperwork;
  • worst. bus ride. ever.
  • administration helllllll

Things That Were Awesome This Week: A List;

cut for long(ish) )


Jun. 13th, 2011 06:24 pm
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Query: should I first write the BBC!version of Derringer Sky, or this one actor!Sherlock playing Shakespeare story concept that's been spinning round my head these last few days?

Or just

sort of

mesh up the two together

because android!Sherlock quoting Shakespeare might be strangely fantastical. Mm.


Re: more ToNC;

[livejournal.com profile] ssarah_s has been created, and will probably start friending/posting tomorrow or the day after; I'm thinking of having her on a semi-hiatus for a while, due to uni, which will probably translate to her having a hell of a lot of surgery-related work and not being able to be around much (timezones, timezones, timezones). Still wondering what the procedure is, about that. Headcanon post?

The final deanon is delayed for a bit, mostly because [livejournal.com profile] misha0529 is currently doing an absolutely amazing job at formatting the whole thing into actual LJ entries and gmail chats, and then I'll take over with more links and some edition. It might take a while, but it'll get done.

In vaguely related news (i.e., in SH-related news, because this is my life right now): I've been watching Granada!verse's Wisteria Lodge yesterday, and now I half want to do a lit!essay of the episode; it's rather amazing in terms of mirrors, windows and dual identity between the characters, and god, I want to so badly. I've spent half the year working on filmic adaptations of literary works, and so much symbolism is the perfect sort of beckon. Oh, I am tempted. I am so very tempted.
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IN WHICH THERE IS FIC, AND ALSO MUSIC, AND ALSO SEX. Quite a lot of it all, kthx, I shall now proceed onwards into Sherlock fandom because that's quite enough for now, okay.

I didn't think I'd ever get to write so many words of nothing but boys being stupid and fucking a lot but apparently I DID and now I need to get back to that dorky detective and his jumper-wearing john/best friend/colleague/boyfriend with their explosions and their snark, okay, that's enough fluff 'n snogging for a year. (Well, that's what I say now.)

(Funny thing is, I wrote this in pretty much the same way I wrote Sign A New Agreement With iTunes, all short paragraphs and parentheses (shutupshutup I like parentheses, alright), because apparently that's just how I write France/England human AUs forever, but. But the point is, okay, this — and this is all [livejournal.com profile] fireblazie's fault from now on till eternity — that this is basically Sign A New Agreement in reverse. Sign was about boys who were lovers in pretty much everything but the sex, and this is about boys who are lovers in pretty much nothing but the sex. And so much denial. And also long.)

francis/arthur, 20,000 words, nc-17, etcetcetc.

(Tonight: Doctor Who. I am one day late and SO FUCKING EXCITED for this shit.)
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Note to self: never again listen to Eddie Izzard on the morning bus. Ever again. People will just think you're mad. No, seriously.

That said, recording podfic is actually quite fun, all strange French accents and funny th's notwithstanding. I like it. Anything you'd like me to record, people?

I need to work out a writing chart; this is getting out of bounds. I have. Some. Fifteen? works, currently in progress, likely to remain in progress for as long as I don't get a move on and actually finish one. Ironically enough, the one closest to finishing is the one I begun the latest. My life, does it make sense. It doesn't, much. Fortunately, it's also Sherlock, which means I'm actually going to come close to finishing something in this fandom. Five months and as many stories left by the wayside will not be in vain, never mind that this one is some eight thousand words shorter than any its precedessors.

Less fortunately, I have a monster fruk!human!au in the works, as well. Someone give [livejournal.com profile] fireblazie a cookie or a hammer. (Eat the first; knock yourself over the head with the second, this is all your fault.) Yeah, also:

(pretty fruk is mostly for the sake of pretty, and also not mine. dear boys ♥) 
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Finals: ACED. Fucking yes. Excuse my French. Also:

1. I have a new laptop! it's all… there, pretty and shiny and smiling at me from my desk. I shall attempt not to break it within the first week.

2. re: The King's Speech. It was excellent. Overall well-played, well-researched, very charming and emotional, though maybe somewhat too predictable. But it was extremely well-written, sometimes touching and sometimes hilarious, and, as such, it didn't matter so much if the pace was sometimes getting lengthy. In the end, though, it didn't have much of a movie feeling but rather more of being right there with them seeing it happen; not so much in the way of a documentary, because the general mood and colours play made it quite clear it was at least partly fictional, but it could have been an artistic documentary played by famous actors, which I suppose in a way it was. I was especially charmed by the play on textures and nuances, the clean lines, the outfits — it had something so very British, all the clubs and costumes and beautiful accents ♥

3. a brief scene at the local library, occurred yesterday afternoon )

4. I am writing! Gods. Yes. That feels good.
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I am not dead!

Three things, to celebrate this fact and the end of my finals:

1. More Sherlock recs: [livejournal.com profile] wordstrings  has updated her Paradox Series, which has made me ridiculously happy two days ago; the [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbigbang is currently posting away, with some fairly gorgeous stuff in it — my personal favourite being Strangers, a futuristic AU in which John Watson is an android built by Sherlock Holmes. The series enfolds from this, with the actual happenings of the episodes (cabbie case, Moriarty), and, on the other hand, the developing of feelings between Sherlock and John, and what this might mean between a human being and a machine with the memories of a human. Lovely read, all around.

2. Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] fyliwionvilyaer, you lovely, lovely person ♥

3. I bring thee fic! well, deanon fic, really. But still, fic.

Title: Sign A New Agreement With iTunes
Pairing: France/England
Rating: R.
Word Count: 16,000, jesus.
Summary: One day, you turn around, and everything around you changes. Flatmates!AU. Also known as 'the thing with sticky notes that is pure and utter fluff, oh god I'm such a bloody sap, but this was ridiculously lovely to write, oh yes. ♥'

(this is how the morning goes)
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I am surviving on tangerines and Wonderfully Blue Mittens, which sounds like creative writing, and I'm going to have to get some winter boots — snow and heels, however square they may be, do not well combine. However:

Re: HP7a, JESUS CHRIST, THIS SHIT IS EFFIN' EPIC. Also, Rupert Grint rocks my socks, oh yes.

Re: Sherlock!AU, the beginning sequence hates my guts, damnit, and it's turning into a very strange character study of one John H. Watson, who is apparently an onion. Layered, I mean. And there's this utterly gorgeous Hetalia kinkmeme request of awesomeness that's calling plaintively out at me, which would be an appropriate distraction if writing it didn't involve a fuckton of history and therefore a fuckton of research. On the other hand Alternate Historylines are awesome. So.

Re: reclist, yes I know, I lied. There's more stuff to add every week, I can't help it, and Molly Hooper is wonderful. Hmm.

Re: DW Christmas Special, MICHAEL GAMBON, FUCK YEAH. And I need a TARDIS!sound ringtone like I need breathing, if only to have it setting off in the middle of an English class and see who freaks out.

Re: Picasso, oh my god are you serious.
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This in itself is nothing amazing — but it's been ten years since I've had short hair. It's been long enough to reach halfway down my back for so long that the change is both fresh and very, very disturbing. Then again, short&disorganised works pretty well, too. I guess I'll just have to rough down the cold on my neck in the morning, and get the alpaga scarf out of the cupboard.

To sort-of-celebrate this, I've gone and chucked everything I've been writing recenty — well, for the time being, anyhow — and that means everything: the apocalypse!fic and the 16,000-words FrUK kinkmeme fill and the Sherlock/THE INTERWEBS crackish thing and the KA Christmas special for Sa' (blame her. She told me to.) — and begun a completely out-of-the-blue Sherlock/John-ish first meeting!AU. Of sorts. It's got mediums. In cheesecloth.

I've written about 1,500 words of this in one day, which is... good news for my writer's block aaaaaand bad news for uni. How am I supposed to focus on American civilisation when I've got pretty shiny boys to play with? Here, have a first page. Ish.

Also, I have discovered two things: 1) I need more Sherlock icons, and 2) I'm probably going to need a Sherlock beta.

That said, the promised reclist should come up either tomorrow or on Thursday — Wednesday will be a horrible day except in the evening, hopefully, but booked all round. I'm making no promises, but I'm nearly done with it anyway.

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No, seriously. Am I really starting up on school tomorrow? this is not on.

Belgium was awesome but exhausting, as I suppose it will always be, and up here the strikes are still pretty much the same, which means the Sorbonne might be again closed tomorrow. I've only class in the afternoon, thankfully enough — my schedule's pretty light this year, and I get to sleep in the mornings, which is greatly appreciated — but having to trudge all the way across from town to find my lessons cancelled wasn't fun two weeks ago, and it won't be fun in the future, either.

Which reminds me, how are France and French politics and the whole reform-and-strikes chaos that's happening here represented wherever you lot live? I gather from foreign newspapers (yeah, okay, English newspapers) that the whole thing's considered pretty ridiculous, which it most definitely is NOT over here. We get such a row of strikes about once or twice a year, but this time they're particularly virulent.

On a completely different topic — I'm thinking of putting up a Sherlock recslist, mostly for gems' benefit, and whoever else might be interested. Also, the plunnies are EATING ME ALIVE. I'm blaming a lot of people, [livejournal.com profile] katty008 most of all. My god, get out of my brain.

To finish this on a flourish, quick pimping: Charitable Getting, by Sam Starbuck, also known as [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge, is on its first day of publishing. Sam is one of my favourite multi-fandoms fanfic writer ever, and his first book, Nameless, is quite honestly one of my favourites — not the best-written I've ever read, nor, actually, the best, but it's quite close to my heart and I've been recommending it to most of my family and friends, with various results. I'm a terrible lurker and as such have never told him, but hey! if you've some money to spare and want to read a good book — or even just want to download the PDF version, which is for free — check it out. I loved it. You might too.
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1. Imma leaving for Belgium tomorrow afternoon — I'm staying at my best friend's, presumably to be eating fries and drinking cherry beer and generally prowling around art exhibitions for three days. There's a Delacroix one at the Royal Museum! Life is beautiful.

I'll be back by Saturday afternoon, though, probably with a lot of written stuff to type out. Goddamnit, Sherlock fandom, why are you so interesting?

2. Seriously, podfic is the best thing to have happened in the history of the universe after the English language and chocolate fondant. Also, [livejournal.com profile] pandarus  has the most amazing Sherlock voice ever.

3. I wrote this, on a fit of complete and utter desperation — I was stuck in the middle of something else entirely, and it just wouldn't get written — and ended up really liking it, so I've actually gone off and posted it on [livejournal.com profile] what_the_fruk. I don't really know why I suddenly tied up my guts and did what I've been procrastinating on for ages, buuuuut I'm pretty satisfied, overall. Next week is [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc, hopefully enough, if I manage to finish my Sherlock/THE INTERNET crackish... thing. I really have no clue what it's all about, except that John is a BNF and Moriarty trolls the online communities. OR SOMETHING. It feels like it's looping in on itself and then looping in again and then again, so I... can't really distinguish what is meta and what isn't anymore.

4. My bedroom has been swallowed up! by chaos. I don't even know if I have a desk anymore, there are so many papers on top of it...
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So there's online!Sara: writing plenty, ridiculously excited about a number of totally unrelated things, dabbling in lotsa new fandoms and generally pretty fucking happy, thanks.

And there's rl!Sara: horribly confused about uni paperwork, even more horribly confused about uni as a general theme, fighting through family matters of various sizes (ranking from Oh snap my great grand mother's heritage is making everyone miserable why is everyone such a dick to Yes dad, I'm writing fanfiction, jesus christ, it's been five years, let it go), oh, and my last pair of thighs just ripped. Right over the heel. 

It's not even a  case of HOMGFANDOMHASBECOMEMOREIMPORTANTTHANRL! because, uh. I'm not even online all that much. And my life out there just keeps gatecrashing me anyway.

The result feels like a weird mix between PMS and vodka. IDK. By this point? I'm just confused.
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It’s funny how ever since I’ve come home I keep feeling like I’m balancing between two extremes. Within the span of an hour I’m deliriously happy and then utterly depressed, and then it just goes on and on and on and on until I calm myself down with music. It’s like my mood just swings from one to the other without sense or order or logic.

On the one hand, I’ve finally come back from the Land of Cows and Ducks, which is good, because I can’t really be happy if I’m not in the city. I’ve watched movies I’ve been wanting to watch, I’ve caught up on my reading, and I’ve inspiration for writing, which is more than I could have said for myself three months ago (dude, minibang is getting way out of hand here. Seriously.)

On the other hand, I’m stressed over college admission, since I still haven’t gotten my letter, and the better reception I get over my newest ficcing the more anxious I get that the rest is going to be a huge disappointment.

On a third hand, though, I’m completely obsessed over Sherlock
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I saw Toy Story 3 twice in less than twenty-four hours.

I cried. Like a baby. Both times. (Seriously, what was up with that?)


On a side note: Am leaving this afternoon for a month in a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere country France without the slightest Internet connection. It’s both good news and bad news — I’ll have all the time in the world to finish up my current ficcing, granted, and I do need it, considering the state of my minibang.  Posting them will be, eh, more complicated.


Speaking of which, Sa’, the APH/Doctor Who crossover I’d asked you to read for me? Is here. Try not to freak out.


, all!


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