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My iPod has risen from the dead! It works! It plays music! It's alive!

AH CAN HAS PODFIC NAO. om nom nom nom.


(regarding the DC-752 file, I have one thing to say: HOLY BANANAS. That is all.)
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There's probably a reason why I'm not making much sense right now, and that reason is probably that I'm still howling with laughter over here. So y'all get a review!

i love stuff that doesn't make sense )

So. Yeah. I liked it. It's not the best movie ever, and it's not the best DC movie ever, for that matter (that one will always, always be the 10th), but it was nice, and a whole lot of fun, and altogether a good moment. I liked liking it, if that makes sense. (It doesn't?)
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Well, ladies, this is the end of... something. Somewhen.  I've officially graduated from my lit/english school day before yesterday, and I got my examination results yesterday afternoon. Basically, I'm in the top 10/15% percent, which is unexpected but great, because even though it doesn't get me into the ENS (which would have been akin to a miracle, methinks), it's a free-way into whatever Uni course, double-course, exchange program, options/specializations, etc — anything I want.

Beautiful days, you lot.

Also: the APH minibang. I'm not quite sure if we're allowed to share out our prompts, but ah hell, don't see why not, so here you go.

For them, the future was like a giant oxygen mask, as if there was nothing to breathe in the present. When the present was all there was ever going to be.

Paint It Black by Janet Finch

Whoever finds which other fandom I'm doing a crossover with gets a cookie. :D

Also also: we should have a DCMK minibang, I dunno. Or something similar. In autumn. It'd be great.

Also also also: has anyone seen penguin these days? I haven't heard from her in a month. What happens?
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1. Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] katty008 ! This is drastically late, I apologize, but this week came straight from hell with no return ticket. Many happy returns, m'dear. ♥

2. regarding DC 733. )

3. regarding homespun. )

4. So, electronics? WHY DOEST THOU HATE ME SO. My last standing working USB card went KABOOM on me, and today being the 1st of May I can't go out and just, y'know, buy another. And because my laptop's Internet connection went all OH HAI UM NO, I can't do anything till Monday. Can't send you the KA smutfic, mah Sa', can't continue my [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_kink fill, can't send my philosophy notes to classmates.

In other words: This. Sucks.

To continue on a slightly worrying note: philosophy exam on Monday.

To finish on a slightly less worrying note: am leaving for Belgium on Tuesday. Cherry beer! cheap clothes! lots of, er, time on bus-trip to write in!
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Meme! Icons!

FORCED INTO Snatched from la gems. :D

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ETA: fixed the fail.
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Am I so very much a sap for liking the latest DC issue so much? (yes. yes I am.)

But. It’s just. ‘s just lovely and pretty and hilarious—um, apart from the wife who kinda killed her husband just now but yeah—Megure’s wife drinking herself silly and Eri making weird faces and Sato’s ‘YAY! WHITE DAY SECURED! :DDDDDD’ a-and the last page with the really thrummy atmosphere at the beginning and the total lulz of the end—Ran going all :o and Midori all :> and Sato all ^/^ and Eri all :”) —

… and then you’ve got Ran with this big lump in her cheek. And Conan. Blushing. Ahh. Words cannot express my love, seriously. Wait, yes I do. What says love better than throat lozenges?

Just, yes. That’s why I fell in love with ShinRan years ago.

Oh, Gosho. Every time I think I’m starting to tire out you pull me right back in. ♥

ETA: HEY HEY GUYS I FINISHED PART ONE. \o/ fffft I’m so doomed


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