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Someone force me to write this thing.

Before I throw my desk out the window. I have thought up so many plot points and character motivations and secret detective agencies in the heart of London of all things bloody hell — in the last two days that my head is very much about to explode. 

(Um, also: I've watched The God Complex, but the review shouldn't be up until tomorrow or the day after that, due to difficulties in conquering the wifi connection. It won't connect! WHY DON'T YOU CONNECT ANYMORE.)
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 Things That Really Sucked This Week: A List;

  • uni. ):
  • work is put off 'till next Monday, which might actually be a good thing if it didn't mean that I get to spend this week running around for filing forms and more paperwork;
  • worst. bus ride. ever.
  • administration helllllll

Things That Were Awesome This Week: A List;

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meme, all

Nov. 8th, 2010 07:36 pm
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 Snatched from la gems. ♥

o1. answer each of the questions with a photograph from the internets.
o2. copy the url of your favorites here to make a mosaic.
o3. share with the world. [save, then upload]

le café d'artois... )

1. first name
2. favorite food
3. hometown
4. favorite color
5. celebrity crush
6. favorite drink
7. dream holiday
8. favorite dessert
9. what i want to be when i grow up
10. what i love most in the world
11. one word that describes me
12. my nickname
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So there's online!Sara: writing plenty, ridiculously excited about a number of totally unrelated things, dabbling in lotsa new fandoms and generally pretty fucking happy, thanks.

And there's rl!Sara: horribly confused about uni paperwork, even more horribly confused about uni as a general theme, fighting through family matters of various sizes (ranking from Oh snap my great grand mother's heritage is making everyone miserable why is everyone such a dick to Yes dad, I'm writing fanfiction, jesus christ, it's been five years, let it go), oh, and my last pair of thighs just ripped. Right over the heel. 

It's not even a  case of HOMGFANDOMHASBECOMEMOREIMPORTANTTHANRL! because, uh. I'm not even online all that much. And my life out there just keeps gatecrashing me anyway.

The result feels like a weird mix between PMS and vodka. IDK. By this point? I'm just confused.
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It’s taken me a few months but I think I’ve finally learnt my lesson:

Never, ever show anything of particular interest (to me, anyway) to my parents. If they don’t like it, they’re just going to spoil it. Every. Single. Time.

The one particular sentence I can’t stand is the ‘I really, really don’t want to imply that it isn’t good, but I really, really can’t understand how you can like this movie/book/TV show/song/poet‘ argument. It’s hypocritical and taking me for a fool and I want to bury it in some remote little corner and never let them use it again.

Especially when it’s about a TV show, because everybody knows TV shows aren’t art, and god forbid I should be so ridiculously excited about anything that isn’t art. Lordy. I’ll be sure to remember that from now on — it wouldn’t do to step over the outskirts of what I can and can't like, after all.

Protip, parents mine: I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck.

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It’s funny how ever since I’ve come home I keep feeling like I’m balancing between two extremes. Within the span of an hour I’m deliriously happy and then utterly depressed, and then it just goes on and on and on and on until I calm myself down with music. It’s like my mood just swings from one to the other without sense or order or logic.

On the one hand, I’ve finally come back from the Land of Cows and Ducks, which is good, because I can’t really be happy if I’m not in the city. I’ve watched movies I’ve been wanting to watch, I’ve caught up on my reading, and I’ve inspiration for writing, which is more than I could have said for myself three months ago (dude, minibang is getting way out of hand here. Seriously.)

On the other hand, I’m stressed over college admission, since I still haven’t gotten my letter, and the better reception I get over my newest ficcing the more anxious I get that the rest is going to be a huge disappointment.

On a third hand, though, I’m completely obsessed over Sherlock


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