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No, seriously. Am I really starting up on school tomorrow? this is not on.

Belgium was awesome but exhausting, as I suppose it will always be, and up here the strikes are still pretty much the same, which means the Sorbonne might be again closed tomorrow. I've only class in the afternoon, thankfully enough — my schedule's pretty light this year, and I get to sleep in the mornings, which is greatly appreciated — but having to trudge all the way across from town to find my lessons cancelled wasn't fun two weeks ago, and it won't be fun in the future, either.

Which reminds me, how are France and French politics and the whole reform-and-strikes chaos that's happening here represented wherever you lot live? I gather from foreign newspapers (yeah, okay, English newspapers) that the whole thing's considered pretty ridiculous, which it most definitely is NOT over here. We get such a row of strikes about once or twice a year, but this time they're particularly virulent.

On a completely different topic — I'm thinking of putting up a Sherlock recslist, mostly for gems' benefit, and whoever else might be interested. Also, the plunnies are EATING ME ALIVE. I'm blaming a lot of people, [livejournal.com profile] katty008 most of all. My god, get out of my brain.

To finish this on a flourish, quick pimping: Charitable Getting, by Sam Starbuck, also known as [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge, is on its first day of publishing. Sam is one of my favourite multi-fandoms fanfic writer ever, and his first book, Nameless, is quite honestly one of my favourites — not the best-written I've ever read, nor, actually, the best, but it's quite close to my heart and I've been recommending it to most of my family and friends, with various results. I'm a terrible lurker and as such have never told him, but hey! if you've some money to spare and want to read a good book — or even just want to download the PDF version, which is for free — check it out. I loved it. You might too.
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Yesterday? first day at uni. It felt a little (read: terribly) frightening to start up at a new school, especially considering that I've spent the two years after high school safely wrapped up in a safety cocoon of a specialized class, so I was more than just a little nervous. (I hate, hate, hate that feeling. I'm a pretty sociable person, but arriving somewhere where everyone knows one another but no one knows you is terrifying whichever way you look at it.)

Just as I left my dad said something along the lines of Allez, vas-y, which pretty much translates to Go on now.

And because it was a perfectly logical thing to answer to that, in French, I muttered Allons-y while stepping out the door.

... and then I burst out laughing.

Thanks, Tenth Doctor. <3

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So there's online!Sara: writing plenty, ridiculously excited about a number of totally unrelated things, dabbling in lotsa new fandoms and generally pretty fucking happy, thanks.

And there's rl!Sara: horribly confused about uni paperwork, even more horribly confused about uni as a general theme, fighting through family matters of various sizes (ranking from Oh snap my great grand mother's heritage is making everyone miserable why is everyone such a dick to Yes dad, I'm writing fanfiction, jesus christ, it's been five years, let it go), oh, and my last pair of thighs just ripped. Right over the heel. 

It's not even a  case of HOMGFANDOMHASBECOMEMOREIMPORTANTTHANRL! because, uh. I'm not even online all that much. And my life out there just keeps gatecrashing me anyway.

The result feels like a weird mix between PMS and vodka. IDK. By this point? I'm just confused.
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It’s funny how ever since I’ve come home I keep feeling like I’m balancing between two extremes. Within the span of an hour I’m deliriously happy and then utterly depressed, and then it just goes on and on and on and on until I calm myself down with music. It’s like my mood just swings from one to the other without sense or order or logic.

On the one hand, I’ve finally come back from the Land of Cows and Ducks, which is good, because I can’t really be happy if I’m not in the city. I’ve watched movies I’ve been wanting to watch, I’ve caught up on my reading, and I’ve inspiration for writing, which is more than I could have said for myself three months ago (dude, minibang is getting way out of hand here. Seriously.)

On the other hand, I’m stressed over college admission, since I still haven’t gotten my letter, and the better reception I get over my newest ficcing the more anxious I get that the rest is going to be a huge disappointment.

On a third hand, though, I’m completely obsessed over Sherlock
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Well, ladies, this is the end of... something. Somewhen.  I've officially graduated from my lit/english school day before yesterday, and I got my examination results yesterday afternoon. Basically, I'm in the top 10/15% percent, which is unexpected but great, because even though it doesn't get me into the ENS (which would have been akin to a miracle, methinks), it's a free-way into whatever Uni course, double-course, exchange program, options/specializations, etc — anything I want.

Beautiful days, you lot.

Also: the APH minibang. I'm not quite sure if we're allowed to share out our prompts, but ah hell, don't see why not, so here you go.

For them, the future was like a giant oxygen mask, as if there was nothing to breathe in the present. When the present was all there was ever going to be.

Paint It Black by Janet Finch

Whoever finds which other fandom I'm doing a crossover with gets a cookie. :D

Also also: we should have a DCMK minibang, I dunno. Or something similar. In autumn. It'd be great.

Also also also: has anyone seen penguin these days? I haven't heard from her in a month. What happens?
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1. Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] katty008 ! This is drastically late, I apologize, but this week came straight from hell with no return ticket. Many happy returns, m'dear. ♥

2. regarding DC 733. )

3. regarding homespun. )

4. So, electronics? WHY DOEST THOU HATE ME SO. My last standing working USB card went KABOOM on me, and today being the 1st of May I can't go out and just, y'know, buy another. And because my laptop's Internet connection went all OH HAI UM NO, I can't do anything till Monday. Can't send you the KA smutfic, mah Sa', can't continue my [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_kink fill, can't send my philosophy notes to classmates.

In other words: This. Sucks.

To continue on a slightly worrying note: philosophy exam on Monday.

To finish on a slightly less worrying note: am leaving for Belgium on Tuesday. Cherry beer! cheap clothes! lots of, er, time on bus-trip to write in!
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Starting from tomorrow onwards through to Saturday next, I will be engaged in taking the exams for the entrance to the École Normale Supérieure of France, in Cachan...

That means all the work I’ve been doing during the past two years is actually coming to its pinnacle this week.

It also means I’m scared shitless.

remind me why i took this school again )

So I won’t be around much, I don’t think—I’ll be checking in my inbox and friends’ page, but that’s about it. If the exams’ questions are really scary, I might post a few samples and cry on your shoulders.

Till then, lassies, I’ll be working on my English vocabulary for tomorrow’s translation exam.
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 Today, in order, I:

1. went to school at nine in the morning, despite the fact that school let out last week, just so I could get my history essay on Religion and Society around the Mediterranean Sea back. It is, by the way, two months late.
2. didn't get it, because my teacher is the laziest person in existence. And he looks like a teddy bear, so I can't be mad at him for more than two minutes.
3. had to stay for a one-hour sermon on What and What Not To Do During The Big Time Exams, i.e., in two weeks. Well, why d'you think they let us out at all?
4. went to order a new ID card, having lost the previous one. (Of course.) Waiting hall was a good hour, and people were having fights in it.
5. signed myself up for a theatre course after the Big Time Exams. (Romeo and Juliet, of all things.)
6. went to the library and bought eight books. Eight. My finances are not going to make this.
7. unxpectedly met a friend I hadn't talked to in four years.
8. had lunch with her, because why the hell not.
9. went to the movies and saw Adèle Blanc-Sec. Nice movie, by the way.
10. ... came home. Wrote fic. I still blame you for sidetracking me, Sa'.
11. was thwarted by electronics again. Honestly, USB cards? are you going to pick on me now?

It's five in the afternoon.

I wonder what's next.

The only reason why I feel my day was so busy is probably that I'm getting used to getting up at ten in the morning and doing nothing but work all day, though...

ETA: 'llo, Sa'. According to Google, I'm in Buenos Aires. :D
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English exam this morning, blah blah, J.M. Coetzee, etc. And then sometime along the way, there was this:

He cannot understand why it is that so many people around him dislike England. England is Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. England is doing one’s duty and accepting one’s fate in a quiet, unfussy way. England is the boy at the battle of Jutland, who stood by his guns while the deck was burning under him. England is Sir Lancelot of the Lake and Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood with his longbow of yew and his suit of Lincoln green.
—J.M. Coetzee, Boyhood: A Memoir


What the fuck, self.

Also, Sa'? I’m in the middle of my mock exams right now, so I probably won’t show up on messenger till Saturday. Sorry, mah lass. ♥
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Almost a week. I should have covered half of my expectations already—5,000 words or so, yeah? And I've barely gone over 2,000, at that. Good start, uh. (The sound you hear? It's my head, hitting my desk.)

Am hoping the time in class from tomorrow onwards will be so boring I won't have anything else to do.

Speaking of which.

my french lit. teacher is a work-a-holic with a sadistic streak )
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… before we come in to the Main Thing.

My final-and-heavily-edited semester report came in the mail, and amazes me—I ended 4th out of twenty-five, and I have no idea how it happened. Also, Paris is absolutely freezing. It’s all just rain-snow-rain-snow-one fragile day of sunlight-BIG OMINOUS-LOOKING LOOMING CLOUDS-rainrainrainrain.

Vacation now, though. Ahh, blessed sleep.

Hmmm, and I went to see Donnellan’s Macbeth. I’d only ever seen it in French, so the original version is, well, something else. All the actors were great, Lady Macbeth was terrifying, and Macduff had this broguish, r-rolling accent that just, ahh. So fucking amazing.

Also. Apparently my writing has reached some sort of crisis; and fanfiction is not easy on me right now. And I want to prepare for NaNoWriMo in November. So:

I’ve had this short story outline/plot/idea/etc running around starkers for quite a while now. I’m biased, but it’s turning out long—also surprising, considering that I almost never write about—focus on—one character only (except, yeah, parenthesis, but that was only 1,500 words long, if that.)

So far I have, um, a title (methinks; might, anyway) and a 100-odd-words drabble that might just be a beginning. I’ll take it as such, anyhow.

drabble )

Hence, aim: write 20,000 words in one month. Namely, March.

That entails, what, about 700 words per day. Shouldn’t be too complicated, right?


and a short rant on ficfion/fanfiction, and characterization therein and thereof )

We’ll see. I’m starting on Monday. I’ll let you know.
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So, 6-hour Philosophy exam this morning. And, well, part of the afternoon. 'nyway. Subject:

Y a-t-il une histoire du genie?

Which could roughly be translated as, Is there a history of the genie? (The genius man, you do gather, not the stuck-in-a-lamp kind.) But, see, here's the snag: 'histoire' in French, means either History or story, depending on whether or not there is a capital H. And since the subject was read out loud to us, we couldn't bloody know whether or not there was a capital H. And since the woman who read it to us was not the professor who'd decided on this, she couldn't bloody know either. (She was my Spanish teacher, actually.)

So picture this: 55-60 students stuck in an either extremely stuffy (if the window was closed) or extremely cold (if the window was open) room for 6 hours on end, and with, what, four biscuits and two oranges to hold on through lunchtime, trying to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense and invoking the ghosts of Plato and Leonardo da Vinci for help. Ugh.

And tomorrow? The Mediterranean Sea, from 1798 to 1956. History. 6 hours. Again.


Christmas needs to come along real fast. Or those finals need to end. Or both.


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