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... of how LiveJournal managed to alienate its entire userbase because it wanted to be Facebook when it grew up. LJ, seriously, do you want us to move to DreamWidth? do you?

Well, at any rate, they're hosting a free-signing week over there now, no need for invite codes, so I've opened an account, in case LJNews continues to ignore the fifty pages and counting of people protesting and there's a mass migration. I might not come to use it, but at least it's there, and if needed I can use it to mirror the entries here.

Most of the kinkmemes I'm on have managed to circle round the problem by using Minimalist layout styles that at least allow us to use preview comments and parent threads, thankfully. So far, I think [livejournal.com profile] kinkme_merlin is closest to our normal comment pages, but [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc_fic doesn't seem to be doing a bad job either. (Thank everything. I browse that meme in flat view, having no parent option on threads would be horrible.)

And then of course I spent two hours trying to find a layout that would 1. be readable with the comment pages customized, 2. fit ToNC, which with its fuckton of coding doesn't fit most customized comment pages, and 3. actually look good. I've settled on this one, for now; I might switch to a cleaner, black&white one later, I dunno. Thoughts?

On the other hand, there is new (new new new) Sherlock footage.
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So there's online!Sara: writing plenty, ridiculously excited about a number of totally unrelated things, dabbling in lotsa new fandoms and generally pretty fucking happy, thanks.

And there's rl!Sara: horribly confused about uni paperwork, even more horribly confused about uni as a general theme, fighting through family matters of various sizes (ranking from Oh snap my great grand mother's heritage is making everyone miserable why is everyone such a dick to Yes dad, I'm writing fanfiction, jesus christ, it's been five years, let it go), oh, and my last pair of thighs just ripped. Right over the heel. 

It's not even a  case of HOMGFANDOMHASBECOMEMOREIMPORTANTTHANRL! because, uh. I'm not even online all that much. And my life out there just keeps gatecrashing me anyway.

The result feels like a weird mix between PMS and vodka. IDK. By this point? I'm just confused.
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It’s taken me a few months but I think I’ve finally learnt my lesson:

Never, ever show anything of particular interest (to me, anyway) to my parents. If they don’t like it, they’re just going to spoil it. Every. Single. Time.

The one particular sentence I can’t stand is the ‘I really, really don’t want to imply that it isn’t good, but I really, really can’t understand how you can like this movie/book/TV show/song/poet‘ argument. It’s hypocritical and taking me for a fool and I want to bury it in some remote little corner and never let them use it again.

Especially when it’s about a TV show, because everybody knows TV shows aren’t art, and god forbid I should be so ridiculously excited about anything that isn’t art. Lordy. I’ll be sure to remember that from now on — it wouldn’t do to step over the outskirts of what I can and can't like, after all.

Protip, parents mine: I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck.

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Starting from tomorrow onwards through to Saturday next, I will be engaged in taking the exams for the entrance to the École Normale Supérieure of France, in Cachan...

That means all the work I’ve been doing during the past two years is actually coming to its pinnacle this week.

It also means I’m scared shitless.

remind me why i took this school again )

So I won’t be around much, I don’t think—I’ll be checking in my inbox and friends’ page, but that’s about it. If the exams’ questions are really scary, I might post a few samples and cry on your shoulders.

Till then, lassies, I’ll be working on my English vocabulary for tomorrow’s translation exam.
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Sa', I love you, but if you laugh at that one I'm going to have to kill you.

So, yesterday? right after I (did) finish my Lit. essay, thank lord that's over... my laptop crashed. (... what. It's only the fifth time in two years. Barely.) I've lost pretty much everything that was in it, except the few tidbits I'd saved, like, five months ago... everything else, including about 2,000 pictures and about as many pieces of writing, fanfiction and fiction alike, are gone. It's gone back to virgin-state. It's working, but I've had to re-install it all. 

The worst of it all is, I've also lost something like 20,000-words-worth of my own writing. And everything I've done so far on Homespun. (So, right, it wasn't much, and a good part of it is written out on paper, okay. But it's so frustrating.)


Saaaaa', will you please return to the world of the living and get me some glompage, thx.


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