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I am not dead!

Three things, to celebrate this fact and the end of my finals:

1. More Sherlock recs: [livejournal.com profile] wordstrings  has updated her Paradox Series, which has made me ridiculously happy two days ago; the [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbigbang is currently posting away, with some fairly gorgeous stuff in it — my personal favourite being Strangers, a futuristic AU in which John Watson is an android built by Sherlock Holmes. The series enfolds from this, with the actual happenings of the episodes (cabbie case, Moriarty), and, on the other hand, the developing of feelings between Sherlock and John, and what this might mean between a human being and a machine with the memories of a human. Lovely read, all around.

2. Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] fyliwionvilyaer, you lovely, lovely person ♥

3. I bring thee fic! well, deanon fic, really. But still, fic.

Title: Sign A New Agreement With iTunes
Pairing: France/England
Rating: R.
Word Count: 16,000, jesus.
Summary: One day, you turn around, and everything around you changes. Flatmates!AU. Also known as 'the thing with sticky notes that is pure and utter fluff, oh god I'm such a bloody sap, but this was ridiculously lovely to write, oh yes. ♥'

(this is how the morning goes)
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Oh god lassies and lads I am dying


On my tombstone you can write

'here lies Sara
killed at age twenty by her midyear finals
because she was busy writing Sherlock fanfic
instead of cramming'
HELLO HELLO SHERLOCK RECLIST. Stripped down to its bare essentials because my bookmarks for this fandom are hello huge, and I apparently can't be arsed to tell you of all the whys and wherefores of each — and so here's a much, much reduced one-list of the best of the best, the white-gold among all the gorgeous silver, la crème de la crème de la crème /etcetc.

in my opinion, anyway

in which sara goes mildly ballistic, and forgets everything she's ever learnt about french definite articles )
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This in itself is nothing amazing — but it's been ten years since I've had short hair. It's been long enough to reach halfway down my back for so long that the change is both fresh and very, very disturbing. Then again, short&disorganised works pretty well, too. I guess I'll just have to rough down the cold on my neck in the morning, and get the alpaga scarf out of the cupboard.

To sort-of-celebrate this, I've gone and chucked everything I've been writing recenty — well, for the time being, anyhow — and that means everything: the apocalypse!fic and the 16,000-words FrUK kinkmeme fill and the Sherlock/THE INTERWEBS crackish thing and the KA Christmas special for Sa' (blame her. She told me to.) — and begun a completely out-of-the-blue Sherlock/John-ish first meeting!AU. Of sorts. It's got mediums. In cheesecloth.

I've written about 1,500 words of this in one day, which is... good news for my writer's block aaaaaand bad news for uni. How am I supposed to focus on American civilisation when I've got pretty shiny boys to play with? Here, have a first page. Ish.

Also, I have discovered two things: 1) I need more Sherlock icons, and 2) I'm probably going to need a Sherlock beta.

That said, the promised reclist should come up either tomorrow or on Thursday — Wednesday will be a horrible day except in the evening, hopefully, but booked all round. I'm making no promises, but I'm nearly done with it anyway.

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My History of the English Language class is the most surreal thing ever.

My teacher: "Before we begin working on the pronounciation of Cs and Gs in Old English, I would like to point out two things.

1. tomorrow this year's Beaujolais Nouveau comes out. Before you buy any, please remember that with every glass you drink, the guards of the House of Bordeaux kill a puppy. Think of the puppies. Don't drink Beaujolais.
2. if I find out that you ever, ever put ice in a Bordeaux, I will personally hunt you down and drag you kicking and screaming into the seven circles of hell."

... yes, we're discussing Bordeaux versus Beaujolais in-between Beowulf and Tolkien. There are times when I love my country.

(Granted, this is the teacher who bemoans the loss of translation accuracy through the ages with 'In the original text of the Bible, God was a fish and Heaven full of cheese. So, so much has been lost in translation. How sad.')

Speaking of cross-Channel relationships — I wrote moar FrUK, lo. Just in case anyone here's interested...

And have a DW-vid red to top it off: Run With Me, River/Doctor, by [livejournal.com profile] chaila43. It's funny, because I don't ship River/Doctor — hell, I don't even like River all that much, and yet this vid made me love her, it's just that bloody gorgeous. Also, Imogen Heap's Speeding Cars is a gorgeous song, and pretty much the story of my life right now.

There, there, baby, it's just textbook stuff
It's in the ABC 
Of growing up...


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