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This man

I can't

I'm really hoping we get a lot of Rory this season — his involvement in The Impossible Astronaut wasn't as big as River's or Amy's but every little thing he did was fantastic. He set fire to the Doctor's body and then stood knee-deep in the water, watching, in that gorgeous red light, and later poked him in the chest just like the Doctor did in The Pandorica Opens and how can you be here

I can't — ahhh. And then runs his hands over his face as he's figuring out the 909/1103-years bit and when Amy says I don't understand he doesn't go on a patronizing male moment and Let me explain, he says Yes you do, because she does know what is going on, she's just refusing to admit it, and basically what he's saying is this is the truth, and this is going to hurt, but I'm not going to try and protect you from it, because I know you can fight your own battles. And it's going to hurt like hell. But it's still the truth, and it needs to be said.

This coming after two thousand years of protecting her and watching over her while she's trapped in the Pandorica, it's rather staggering — I think they've found a balance somehow, and I love that to bits.

♥ Rory.
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