Mar. 15th, 2011

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Note to self: never again listen to Eddie Izzard on the morning bus. Ever again. People will just think you're mad. No, seriously.

That said, recording podfic is actually quite fun, all strange French accents and funny th's notwithstanding. I like it. Anything you'd like me to record, people?

I need to work out a writing chart; this is getting out of bounds. I have. Some. Fifteen? works, currently in progress, likely to remain in progress for as long as I don't get a move on and actually finish one. Ironically enough, the one closest to finishing is the one I begun the latest. My life, does it make sense. It doesn't, much. Fortunately, it's also Sherlock, which means I'm actually going to come close to finishing something in this fandom. Five months and as many stories left by the wayside will not be in vain, never mind that this one is some eight thousand words shorter than any its precedessors.

Less fortunately, I have a monster fruk!human!au in the works, as well. Someone give [ profile] fireblazie a cookie or a hammer. (Eat the first; knock yourself over the head with the second, this is all your fault.) Yeah, also:

(pretty fruk is mostly for the sake of pretty, and also not mine. dear boys ♥) 


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